Thursday, April 28, 2016

NEW SERVICE: A New Kitchen

Eliminating Quarry Tile and Transforming to a Double Broadcast Quartz Floor with Better COF and Reduced Maintenance Cost

A 30-year old quarry tile floor with grout lines with quarry tile used as the cove base as well. Years of use had broken down the tiles to the point where they were damaged, loose or missing along with grout that was missing and no longer cleanable.

Quarry tile and grout are quite porous and a breeding ground for bacteria. It's slippery, especially from cooking grease and the water used to clean it.

The major problem: it requires thousands of gallons of water every day to clean and maintain, which eventually breaks down the tile and grout and causes leaks into the offices below.

Phase 1:

The old tile needed to be removed. 

Phase 2:

An Ardex Water Mitigation System was applied to completely eliminate any water issues and prevent leaks into the offices below.

Phase 3:

Ardex SDT product was then applied in order to level the floor flush to existing areas not receiving new floor and to ensure proper drainage to the existing drains.

Final Phase:

New kitchen floor from NeverStrip. A Double Broadcast Quartz Floor with hundreds of solid colors and tweeds to choose from. 

New cove base. Grout lines completely eliminated. Better COF (Slip Coefficient).

Maintenance costs were drastically reduced since less maintenance is now required on a daily basis. 

We love the results!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Tazza Kitchen's name originates from the food that they serve. "Ta-" stands for tacos and "-zza" for pizza - not, as one might guess, the Italian or Spanish words for cup, "tazza" and "taza," respectively, though suiting the restaurant with an Italian name wouldn't have been inappropriate. Both the atmosphere and the food are hybridizations of Baja California and Southern Italy flavors and cultures. It was our mission to work with the design build firm, Street Sense, to get this vision across. All wood was provided by Surface Architectural Supply.

Reclaimed Oak flooring, reclaimed Heart Pine tabletops and reclaimed Naily Oak paneling in Private Dining Room.

Our Naily Oak paneling was a unique lot we acquired for Tazza Kitchen. We crafted these wall panels from one barn's roofing supports that had been subjected to many repairs. Removing all of the nails from this material was a time consuming process that resulted in a beautiful and rare paneling.
Original surface reclaimed Oak banquette (upholstery by others), reclaimed Oak flooring and reclaimed Heart Pine tabletops.

The majority of our materials are sourced from the Shenandoah Valley, a mere 150 miles away from Richmond. Our materials qualify for MR-5 Regional Materials and MR-4 100% Post Consumer Recycled LEED credits.
Reclaimed Rake Board paneling & reclaimed Heart Pine table tops.

Rake board siding is the best of both worlds because you can view the milled surface and the original surface simultaneously. The color scheme of the original surface can change based on the client's request allowing this unique product to fit into any aesthetic.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NEW PROJECT: Tweed-New Haven Airport, New Haven, CT

We installed two products in the American Airlines departure area at the Tweed-New Haven Airport.

J&J's Kinetex was installed in the main area. Kinetex, an innovative solution-dyed lightweight textile composite flooring, combines the key attributes of soft surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard surface flooring. 144 16-ounce plastic recycled bottles make 72 square feet of this product. Installation applications are Hospitals, Healthcare, Education, Fitness Centers, and Public Venues. Kinetex will perform in elevated RH slabs up to 95%, and comes with lifetime stain removal, static protection, and product performance warranties.

The LVT for the entryway is called Creation Clic System from Gerflor, interlocking plank flooring for high traffic commercial applications. This is a 6mm product with a polyurethane surface treatment. The product can be installed with up to 10 lbs of moisture content or 92% RH. Creation Clic is 100% recyclable, requires no adhesive, has noise reduction capabilities, and is 100% water resistant.

Both are excellent material applications for high-traffic areas with minimal or no shut down time.

Monday, April 25, 2016

New Product: GTI Fast Track Loose Lay Tiles

This exciting new product is the next step in high-resistance, quick install modular flooring.

GTI's unique interlocking jointing system requires no adhesive or subfloor preparation, and day-to-day work operations aren't interrupted. GTI offers limitless options to mix and match colors and because it can install over existing flooring, it's ideal for renovations. Easy-to-install, high traffic resistant, surface treated for easy maintenance, GTI is adhesive free and 100% recyclable. Great for retail, education, healthcare, and sports facilities.

Friday, April 22, 2016

NEW PROJECT: New York Theater Workshop

RD Weis, working with Tony award winning designer Riccardo Hernandez, recently created a stage for the production of "Red Speedo" at the New York Theater Workshop. For this production, an edgy look at the prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs and their impact on the athletes, RD Weis created a 60-foot wall of Halo tile to capture the aesthetic and feel of an indoor Natatorium. Christopher Capobianco of Spartan, who specified the material, said: "to achieve the effect we could not use porcelain tile ... it was too heavy and the acoustics were too tinny, the vinyl tile from Halo was a dead ringer for the look the artistic designer wanted." Working with the theater's stagehands, RD Weis installers worked on scaffolds to install the 18 x 60 foot back stage wall, which had to be angled to facilitate the installation.

This is the second stage production that RD Weis has worked on for NYTW. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Recent Job, Stile Wood Flooring at the Walt Whitman Mall.

Another recent job of ours, we installed Stile wood flooring at the Walt Whitman mall in Long Island.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Recent job, Farm Family in Glenmont New York.

The project, a first floor flooring replacement of the front building as part of a building renovation, used 1,500 square yards of Mannington Media Disclose Carpet Tile and 4,000 square feet of Karndean Albus 18 x 36 LVT. Prior to the new flooring going down, a difficult floor prep was required to remove the ceramic in the lobby.

The job turned out great and all at Farm Family were pleased with the results. Thanks again to Karndean for their help and support. 


Thursday, February 11, 2016

A message from Randy.

With the New Year upon us one of RD Weis' key goals for 2016 is to have a greater national presence than ever before. To make sure that this goal is obtained we start the year by bringing a national accounts-oriented company, CTS Flooring Group into the RD Weis family. I'd like to officially welcome CTS and all of its associates to the family and we look forward to working with them to expand our national reach. CTS Flooring comes with a reputation that is enviable in the marketplace and a great team of people that help differentiate the company in the market.

The word synergy is often an overused word in the business vocabulary, but in the marriage of RD Weis and CTS Flooring Group that's exactly what we intend to accomplish together - greater synergy for both of our companies. The things that RD Weis are really good at, CTS Flooring does not offer, and the things that CTS is really good at RD Weis has a lot to learn from their experience and capabilities. We believe that bringing these two companies together will benefit all of our customers and at the same time allow us to grow with new customers by offering a service package unparalleled in the industry.

The key to making a marriage like this work is making the transition as painless and as seamless as possible. As a result, the management team, the physical location and everything that CTS Flooring Group has stood for will remain. We 

want to build on what exists and not take away from any of the good things that they've accomplished. Our hat is off to the Guinan family, who have owned the company for 28 years and we look forward to managing that business going forward in the same professional way that they have.

Welcome CTS Flooring Group, 


Front:  Rose Salerno, Rosa Spoto, Charmaine Merkel, Alicia Schlachta, 
Back:  Fran Guinan, Sam Cerminaro, Randy Weis, Vic Fotia, Drew Guinan