Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sustaining the Future: Our 2008 Green Report

In 2008, we recycled 73,000 yards of carpet—a 439 percent increase from 2007—and donated 1,600 yards of carpet to charity.

With an average of 548,600 square feet of carpet kept out of the landfill, RD Weis Companies saved 13,562 cubic yards of landfill, up 30 percent from 2007. This saved the equivalent of 2,746,692,000 BTUs, which could supply fifteen average US homes for one year. Additionally, the global climate change potential averted in CO2 equivalent pounds is 1,920,000 lbs, up 30 percent from last year.

We clean 70 million square feet of carpet a year using low moisture and dry carpet cleaning methods. Last year we saved 385,000 gallons of water, up 10 percent from 2007. Through all our reclamation activities, we saved 837,700 gallons of water, 30 percent more than last year!

We saved 42 trees with our paper recycling, up 20 percent from 2007, always a good thing.

We shifted our fuel-efficient fleet cars to American-made autos in support of Buy American efforts -- and we saved 3,700 gallons of gasoline, up 48 percent from last year.

Pretty good!

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