Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starnet Green Report

Post by Sheri Gorman, LEED AP, RD Weis Companies Member, Starnet Environmental Issues Committee

The Starnet Online Reclamation Tracker reports that since 2006, Starnet member companies have reclaimed:

3,280,198 sq. yds. (29,521,782 sq. ft.) of used carpet

Weighing over:

19,436,618 lbs.

This has avoided:

72,893 cu. yds. of Landfill

Saving over:

147,608,910,000 BTUs

That could supply with energy:

821 US Homes for 1 year

Global Warming Potential Averted:

Over 103,208,150 lbs. CO2 equivalent

Saving over:

45,020,717 Gallons of H2O

Great news from a great organization!

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