Wednesday, April 29, 2009

EPI Report Finds Green Investment the Most Stimulative

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) has a report on green jobs and investment, explaining the long-term economic benefits of public green investments.

The report finds that green investment is one of the most stimulative forms of government spending, providing a 1.6:1 return-to-investment ratio. This is greater than generic infrastructure investment (1.59), temporary tax cuts (1.03), and corporate tax cuts (0.3). A significant percentage of these returns would come in the form of new, higher-paying jobs. EPI estimates that a $100 billion investment would yield a 1.1 million net job increase over two years.

EPI's model projects that $100 billion in green investments would generate 750,000 jobs and raise wages of non-college educated workers by about half a percent per year.

It would also help keep our planet livable, always a good thing.

Read the EPI report here.

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