Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodwill Industries Buys Bay Area Carpet Recycler

From Floor Daily, a wonderful story, excellent news, and a trend to watch.

The carpet industry is struggling to figure out how to make money in carpet recycling. Currently, a lot of reclaimed carpet goes to power plants to be used as an alternate fuel, and is not recyled in the traditional sense.

This move by Goodwill in CA is an interesting option. Goodwill knows all about recycling -- most of the clothes that get donated never get resold on a rack, but instead get sorted, bailed, and sold to people who deal in rag scrap. If Goodwill can succeed with carpet, it creates an incredibly rich collection system throughout the US, as they have facilities everwhere.

We're watching closely to see if this is a trend that might revolutionize the carpet recyling effort.

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