Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Jersey's Solar Boom

Mark Svenvold in the Daily Finance has an interesting and informative article about the ongoing tensions between old and new power sources in New Jersey.

Two points worth consideration:

...the top solar country is cloudy, windy, Germany, which receives less sun than the rain-besotted state of Oregon. And the reason that Germany, on a national level, and New Jersey, on a state level, are surprising leaders? It's because they both have passed laws that help encourage the growth of the solar industry and encourage people to use solar power.


The advantage that Asia and Europe seem to have over the U.S. is that their renewable markets are much more directed by government policy, whereas our renewable markets have been shaped from state to state. Our confused patchwork, directed by public power commissions like New Jersey's BPU, are often bogged down by inefficiencies and swayed by fossil fuel interests. With the exception of North Carolina, not a single state in the southeast has passed Renewable Portfolio Standards legislation.

Read the whole thing.

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