Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RealClimate on the CRU hack

RealClimate explains the CRU hack in clear simple terms here. Highly recommended reading.

In any case, however unpleasant scientists' personal emails are, our current understanding of global warming physics is not affected by anything in the hacked files. How quickly the planet will heat under what CO2 concentrations is not yet pinned down to absolute certainty (as science rarely deals in certainties), but the stolen files neither significantly contribute to nor challenge our current understanding of global warming physics.

We will keep following this story.


Just to remind you that, as we mentioned previously, RealClimate has a new page of posted raw and processed data here.

They write about their page:

The climate science community fully understands how important it is that data sources are made as open and transparent as possible, for research purposes as well as for other interested parties, and is actively working to increase accessibility and usability of the data. We encourage people to investigate the various graphical portals to get a feel for the data and what can be done with it. The providers of these online resources are very interested in getting feedback on any of these sites and so don’t hesitate to contact them if you want to see improvements.

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