Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RocNet Summer Fling

Upstate people, come to Summer Fling! August 5th @ Murphy's Law from 5:30- 7:30

Sheri Gorman Discusses NeoCon 2010

Check out our own Sheri Gorman speaking about NeoCon 2010 -- good news this year. Thank you, Sheri!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Dave Hammons featured on ManU website!

Our own David T. Hammons and his USA Supporters' branch is featured on the official ManU website, and Dave and USA fans are looking ahead to United's visit: "In just a matter of days, Manchester United will be touching down in North America to begin their pre-season tour and me and my fellow Americans are relishing the chance to see our Old Trafford heroes in action." Congrats, Dave -- does this mean we all have to root for ManU now?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check out AIA's AIA CES Discovery

This October, the AIA is launching the AIA Continuing Education System. All registration, records, and data management will, the AIA reports,
move from the University of Oklahoma’s CES Records Office to a more advanced in-house system.The current AIA CES system hosted by OU was designed 15 years ago to serve a much smaller population of AIA members with relatively similar continuing education needs. Since then, AIA membership has grown by almost 50 percent, and the number of states with mandatory continuing education (MCE) requirements has grown from 3 to 43, with widely divergent requirements. Migrating to the more robust, automated AIA CES Discovery system will address the need for a stronger technology solution to manage AIA members’ continuing education credits and to meet their diverse professional development needs, MCE requirements, and delivery preferences.

Good education is vital to good living!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An example of house doing work "in house" can blow up badly

Floor Daily has a story about a Lakeland school district getting fined for improper asbestos removal:

The Lakeland Central School District in central New York State has been fined $2,500 after two custodians were found to have improperly removed asbestos-laden floor tiles from Lakeland High School last summer.

Two custodians disposed of the tiles in trash receptacles around the school without providing any warning that the debris contained asbestos, LoHud.com reports.

Neither of the men who collected the broken tiles in at least 10 classrooms last July was certified to handle asbestos, says the state Labor Department.

This is exactly why it's necessary to hire trained professionals for this work.