Friday, September 17, 2010

Floor Daily Annual Report: useful info

From last May, Journalists Darius Helm and Jessica Chevalier write up Floor Daily Annual Report 2010 -- full of excellent useful info, including a few reasons for optimism in the residential housing market:
In the commercial market, carpet and vinyl are the big players, and last year, with the education and healthcare markets still fairly healthy and spotty signs of life in retail, vinyl performed fairly well. However, the hospitality market took a huge hit, its biggest hit in 38 years, and the corporate sector struggled too—both are strong markets for carpet. Even though the government sector fared well, and despite carpet’s share in education and to a lesser degree in healthcare, commercial carpet business was still off significantly.

A bit of good news from the residential housing market, however:

Growth was strong in all regions: sales rose 6% in the Northeast, up 24.5% from last year; 7.2% in the Midwest, up 15.5% from last year; 7.1% in the South, and up 13.9% from last year; and 6.6% in the West, up 14% from last year. Median prices were up in all regions except the West.

Click through and scroll down to see the charts of market share for different flooring types.

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