Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrating the holidays with a gift in your names for our nation's veterans

Dear friends,

On behalf of friends, clients, and colleagues,
RD Weis Companies has donated to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

This year RD Weis Companies celebrates the spirit of joy that attends our holiday celebrations with family and friends, and the happiness we feel from helping IAVA and the men and women who have served, and are currently serving, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of us at RD Weis Companies remain grateful to you for the opportunity you give us to work toward a cleaner, healthier world.

From our family to yours, best wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rachel Armstrong: Architecture that repairs itself

This is utterly awesome. TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong researches "metabolic materials" -- construction materials that possess some of the properties of living systems, and can be manipulated to "grow" architecture.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wonderful letter from Zeftron Nylon 2010 Sustainable Award

I am so pleased to share the following, with special thanks to the wonderful people at Zeftron Nylon Sales & Marketing and Shaw Industries Inc.:
Congratulations! You have been selected a runner-up to the 2010 Sustainable Practices Award presented by Zeftron® nylon. We want to recognize your commitment to creating more sustainable environments at home, at work and in your community with a $250 donation to the environmentally-focused charity of your choice.

Among the numerous submissions we received, yours showcased important sustainable practices. Coordinating reclamation efforts for RD Weis customers, forgoing car ownership to reduce your carbon footprint and recycling clothes through involvement with Wearable Collections are some of the creative ways you embody the spirit of the Sustainable Practices Award program. We applaud you!

In addition to awarding a donation to the charitable organization of your choice, we would like to include you and your endeavors in our marketing and public relations initiatives as we continue to promote the Sustainable Practices Award program to various audiences nationwide. With your permission, you will be mentioned in our company’s website, promotional materials and trade media outreach.

Zeftron nylon recognizes that the key to a sustainable future is not just developing “green” products; it is also important to encourage and support comprehensive lifestyle choices that make a difference. Acknowledging sustainability leaders like you who are implementing a variety of creative practices will be a key part of our ongoing environmental awareness efforts.

Thanks again for your submission and congratulations!


Timothy Blount
Zeftron Nylon Sales & Marketing
Shaw Industries Inc.

Thank you so much, Timothy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Residential Bed Bug Prevention 101

Bed Bug Prevention reprinted courtesy of ServiceMagic. Thank you!

Bed bug prevention is only the first step toward making sure you won't be plagued by these nasty intruders. In fact, once you've got a bed bug infestation to deal with, bed bug prevention is only one of a number of steps that will need to be taken. In most cases you'll need to contact bed bug exterminators in order get rid of your problem.

Bed Bugs: A Primer

There are actually several different types of bed bugs out there. The most troublesome prefer to feed on humans (bed bugs are blood suckers) and are most often found in mattresses, bed posts, headboards, box springs, and behind loose wallpaper and plaster. There are also bed bugs that prefer birds, bats, and other wildlife; however if they come into contact with humans they won't hesitate to broaden their horizons either. A female bed bug in house lays 300 eggs at a time that take an average of 10 days to hatch.

You do the math.

This is one pest that you need to attack as soon as an infestation is apparent.

Bed Bug Identification

The first sign of bed bugs in house usually shows up on your person in the form in of red, irritated, itching bites. Once those come to light, look for actual bugs, eggs, and nymphs in your bedding, mattresses and bed frame. You will probably find rust colored spots on the mattress (places where blood engorged bugs have been crushed) and areas of fecal deposits that look like brown stains and deposits. If all these signs are present, it's time to move on to the next step in bed bug prevention and extermination.

Call in the Pros

Unfortunately bed bugs are nearly impossible to get rid of on your own. That being the case, you'll want to search out bed bug exterminators to address your problem. Bed bugs in house require an integrated pest management strategy. First of all, you'll need to wash all bedding in at least 120 degree water to kill existing eggs, nymphs, and bugs. Second, vacuum the area thoroughly and seal and dispose of the vacuum bag when you're finished.

You Don't Want that Mattress, Do You?

You'll probably need to dispose of infested mattresses and box springs as well, as there isn't any sure fire way to rid them of the problem. After taking all these steps, the next is for your bed bug exterminators to treat the area with a number of specific pesticides. This is tricky business, since close contact to any pesticide is a bad thing, and beds make avoiding that almost impossible. For this reason, more than any other, it's important to hire a professional.

Bed Bug Prevention

Once you've rid yourself of bed bugs (and this could take several rounds of treatment, lasting months), it's important that you take steps to prevent the return of the problem. As mentioned, one of the best prevention strategies is simply getting rid of all infested materials at the get go.

After that, try to identify where your problem originated. People who travel, especially internationally, often bring bugs home from unsanitary hotels and other sleeping quarters, so be sure to thoroughly check out any lodgings before you stay to avoid possible contact. And, of course, keep your bedroom as clean as possible.

Vacuum your carpet, mattress and bedding regularly, and think about hiring a professional carpet cleaning service as well to come in and work their magic. When it comes to bed bug prevention, you really can't be careful enough.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Congratulations to our own Chris Mancus: IFMA Chapter Member of the Year

Last evening in Detroit, IFMA South East Chapter President Margaret St. Andre and past President Jason Wells recognized sponsors and members at the annual IFMA holiday party, held at the Coach Insignia restaurant, attended by approximately 100 members and guests -- a great turnout in a city hampered by economic challenges for many years.

This year, the South East Chapter of IFMA recognized Chris Mancus as “Chapter Member of the Year,” for his commitment and dedication to helping grow the chapter and spread the word about IFMA throughout his service area. Chris served as Membership Chairman of the Chapter, volunteers for the golf outing, and attends every board meeting as well as chapter functions, including World Workplace.

In presenting the award last night, Jason Wells said that Chris was a model chapter member as he gives selflessly to the organization and helps to make it better through his “showing up” whenever the chapter needs him.

The board members assured me that the decision to elect Chris as the Chapter Member of the Year was easy and unanimous. Chris has been a member of the SE Chapter since opening the RD Weis Companies Detroit office four years ago, and has met my requirements for IFMA membership by being more than just an attendee at meetings, but actually working on committee’s and volunteering for a board assignment.

Another wonderful and amazing feature of this event was the spirit and optimism the business people in Detroit have about their city and its future. RD Weis Companies is clearly on the map with Facility Mangers in Detroit as a result of the efforts of Chris, Dana, and Kerry -- these guys are on a roll.

Congratulations, Chris! Well deserved.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Six products win CRI Seal of Approval

From Floor Daily, five new solutions and one vacuum cleaner have been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval program for carpet cleaning products and equipment.

The Kirby Company added its first vacuum cleaner, the Sentria Household Upright vacuum, which received Gold-Level certification.

In the cleaning solutions category, Enviro-Solutions earned approval for its ES93+ In-tank solution, and E-Clean Products earned SOA status for its E-Clean Carpet Cleaner Concentrate.

Other products earning approval include DuPont's Teflon Advanced Low-Moisture pre-spray solution, Industrial Paper Products' Encaptivate-Dry and Pre-Captivate spot removers, and Grab/XL Brands' Liquid Grab Green spot remover.