Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Floor Daily publisher Kemp Harr interviews Randy Weis

Floor Daily publisher Kemp Harr has an interview with me in the Focus on Leadership section. These whip-smart, highly relevant questions were a joy to answer. Here's a sample:

Q. As the commercial market starts to recover in the Northeast, where are you seeing most of the business?

A. We’re finding most of the business is on the replacement/remodel side. Most new construction projects are still on hold. For the first time now in two years, we’re seeing a greater optimism with our clients. As a result we are seeing year-end discretionary spending similar to what we saw prior to this recession. For the last two years, there has been a trickle of business in the healthcare, education and government sectors—due in part to stimulus funding—but now finally we are seeing business warm up in the corporate office sector.

Many of the major companies know that the way their corporate facilities look is a direct reflection on their brand, so they have to keep their facilities up to date.

Q. Are the facility managers and end users still hiring design firms to specify and coordinate these projects?

A. Yes. Up the Northeast, these companies put a lot of emphasis on their image. Plus, facility managers are overworked and they need the resources a design firm brings to the equation.

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