Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Message from Randy

As the summer and eventually the year come to a close, we remain optimistic that the economic recovery continues and that Americans WILL find work and businesses thrive.

Here at RD Weis Companies, based on the last two years' growth, we feel a strong sense of hope for 2013.

We continue with such products as our solution to bathroom tile and grout which restores the tile floor, placing a "glass" coating over the floor that unlike others in this category does not wear off and show traffic patterns.  Another segment that continues to grow involves products geared towards health care, namely rubber flooring and new products arising from a new partnership between Starnet and Mannington.

And as always, Sustainability remains our mantra. We continue to stay on the path toward a better environmental impact for our company and for our customers.

Stay cool through the remaining part of the summer - all of us at RD Weis Companies wish you and your business long-term and truly sustainable success!


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