Friday, December 12, 2014

Ten Year Anniversaries.

This month we have three key ten year anniversaries that are all connected to when RD Weis purchased the Invironmentalists in Albany, Hartford, and Rochester.  As many of you have heard me say through the years, we bought talent when we made these acquisitions and we are proud to still have so many of them with us today.

In Rochester New York, we congratulate Larry Riggi, our Operations Manager and overseer of our old and new customers.  For those of you who know Larry, he is a valuable technical addition to RD Weis and has served as our Safety Manager for many years, helping us with Safety protocols and procedures.  Larry has been able to operated very independently due to his skill and experience in the industry for more than two decades.  Larry thank you for all of your wisdom and support.

In Albany New York,  Ericar Frazier celebrates his ten years with the company today.  Eric’s does not just have one outstanding quality, he has many.  His clients like him very much, his work speaks for itself and is of a very high quality, and lastly, he is self- motivated and able to work from afar without a local manager in his town.  In Albany, Eric is RD Weis.  Eric, we appreciate all that you have done and look forward to many more years together.

In Hartford we have Anthony Bonanzinga, also moved to RD Weis from the Invironmentalists and a valuable part of our Hartford team.  Anthony like many at RD Weis is a very dependable part of our team who does what needs to be done every day and does it well.  Always smiling, Anthony’s good mood makes those around him feel better about the day are realize that each day should be enjoyed.  Tony is on a first name basis with our clients and gives us a good facing with them always representing the company in a professional manner.  If you know Anthony, you know that he is quite the fisherman and always has a good fish story to share.

Each of these men remain very important to the company’s mission each and every day.  I am proud to have them on our team, and hope that you all join me in congratulating them all of their first ten years.