Monday, January 26, 2015

RD Weis Companies National Reach

With 25 years of experience and established business partners throughout the country, RD Weis self-performs in most of North America through our partnership with Starnet. As a local Starnet member we act as the facilitator of the account and are the single point of contact for the end user, property manager, or the manufacturer.

Under Starnet, we’ve established and strong relationships with business partners throughout the country. Locations in San Diego? Chicago? There is no guesswork involved. We have partners in any market ready to fulfill your multi-location needs.

We have our owned assets, starting with people and facilities, and are adaptable to your way of doing business: we let the client dictate the process while we dictate the results, meeting the needs of the clients that demand excellent quality and service. Having a national brand demands consistency. RD Weis ensures that consistency through one point of contact. You’ll have a designated individual to provide personal, prompt, and priority service for the many requests that you require in a given year.

As a member of Starnet, we’re called on to fulfill other Starnet Member’s national account clients in our local market. So we know the process from both perspectives and have the advantage, through our relationships with local mills, in securing superior and affordable product.

With current clients including financial institutions, retail stores, and banking, RD Weis Companies manages your installations, your hard surface floors, tile and grout restoration, panel and upholstery cleaning, and almost any type of floor cleaning, polishing, waxing, or re-surfacing.

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Kimberly Francis