Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Project: the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Kitchen, New Brunswick, NJ

Most corporate kitchens are made from quarry tile, mostly red with grey grout. This tile gets dirty easy and is hard to clean. Cleaning is done mainly through power cleaning, which leads to the grout dislodging over time.

Our aim was to eliminate these issues. We removed the grout and the under glue, right down to the cement. Then moisture meditation was performed. Once the cement was dried, a self-leveling epoxy went down followed by a sprinkling of sand and lastly a glossy epoxy for waterproofing. This process is being done for both commercial and corporate kitchens and the results are amazing.

The pictures tell the story: (clockwise starting from far left)

Pic 1: Old floor with added temporary wall to limit dust.
Pic 2: Water mitigation to fix excess moisture issues.
Pics 3 and 4: New floor - already a working floor.

The result? No more dirty grout and the floor cleans with less water.

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