Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Tazza Kitchen's name originates from the food that they serve. "Ta-" stands for tacos and "-zza" for pizza - not, as one might guess, the Italian or Spanish words for cup, "tazza" and "taza," respectively, though suiting the restaurant with an Italian name wouldn't have been inappropriate. Both the atmosphere and the food are hybridizations of Baja California and Southern Italy flavors and cultures. It was our mission to work with the design build firm, Street Sense, to get this vision across. All wood was provided by Surface Architectural Supply.

Reclaimed Oak flooring, reclaimed Heart Pine tabletops and reclaimed Naily Oak paneling in Private Dining Room.

Our Naily Oak paneling was a unique lot we acquired for Tazza Kitchen. We crafted these wall panels from one barn's roofing supports that had been subjected to many repairs. Removing all of the nails from this material was a time consuming process that resulted in a beautiful and rare paneling.
Original surface reclaimed Oak banquette (upholstery by others), reclaimed Oak flooring and reclaimed Heart Pine tabletops.

The majority of our materials are sourced from the Shenandoah Valley, a mere 150 miles away from Richmond. Our materials qualify for MR-5 Regional Materials and MR-4 100% Post Consumer Recycled LEED credits.
Reclaimed Rake Board paneling & reclaimed Heart Pine table tops.

Rake board siding is the best of both worlds because you can view the milled surface and the original surface simultaneously. The color scheme of the original surface can change based on the client's request allowing this unique product to fit into any aesthetic.

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