Friday, April 22, 2016

NEW PROJECT: New York Theater Workshop

RD Weis, working with Tony award winning designer Riccardo Hernandez, recently created a stage for the production of "Red Speedo" at the New York Theater Workshop. For this production, an edgy look at the prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs and their impact on the athletes, RD Weis created a 60-foot wall of Halo tile to capture the aesthetic and feel of an indoor Natatorium. Christopher Capobianco of Spartan, who specified the material, said: "to achieve the effect we could not use porcelain tile ... it was too heavy and the acoustics were too tinny, the vinyl tile from Halo was a dead ringer for the look the artistic designer wanted." Working with the theater's stagehands, RD Weis installers worked on scaffolds to install the 18 x 60 foot back stage wall, which had to be angled to facilitate the installation.

This is the second stage production that RD Weis has worked on for NYTW. 

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