Thursday, April 28, 2016

NEW SERVICE: A New Kitchen

Eliminating Quarry Tile and Transforming to a Double Broadcast Quartz Floor with Better COF and Reduced Maintenance Cost

A 30-year old quarry tile floor with grout lines with quarry tile used as the cove base as well. Years of use had broken down the tiles to the point where they were damaged, loose or missing along with grout that was missing and no longer cleanable.

Quarry tile and grout are quite porous and a breeding ground for bacteria. It's slippery, especially from cooking grease and the water used to clean it.

The major problem: it requires thousands of gallons of water every day to clean and maintain, which eventually breaks down the tile and grout and causes leaks into the offices below.

Phase 1:

The old tile needed to be removed. 

Phase 2:

An Ardex Water Mitigation System was applied to completely eliminate any water issues and prevent leaks into the offices below.

Phase 3:

Ardex SDT product was then applied in order to level the floor flush to existing areas not receiving new floor and to ensure proper drainage to the existing drains.

Final Phase:

New kitchen floor from NeverStrip. A Double Broadcast Quartz Floor with hundreds of solid colors and tweeds to choose from. 

New cove base. Grout lines completely eliminated. Better COF (Slip Coefficient).

Maintenance costs were drastically reduced since less maintenance is now required on a daily basis. 

We love the results!

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