Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Grand Achievement: Charmaine Merkle

This past July Charmaine, at the age of 64, ran 13.1 mile half marathon. An incredible accomplishment. Here's the experience in her own words:

"I had a group of people cheering for me, a good amount from members of the track club, which shows how great a group they are and very supportive.
I have been running off and on for a couple of years, several 5K races (3.1 miles) but that had been the most I had run. Then I started to run longer distances and thought one day I'd like to try a half marathon (not knowing if I could run 13.1 miles at the age of 64). Once I spent the money to register in April, I knew I had to do it, as at that point I was committed. I started to train right away, running 3 days a week for 14 weeks, in the heat and rain. With the help of my daughter (who has run several full marathons) and the support of the track club members (Sly Fox Track Club), I was able to complete the half marathon.

It took me longer to finish than I wanted it to, and yes, I'm blaming part of it on the heat and the ambulance driver (who was only doing what he was supposed to do). This was a fabulous experience and great accomplishment for me, and I am very proud of this.
I am contemplating registering for another half but I will do it in cooler weather.  I love a challenge and I challenge myself to complete the next one in less time."

Charmaine came within 2 minutes of matching the goal that she had set for herself.

Congratulations Charmaine!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RD Weis Companies Has a New Coating!

It's EliteCrete! This amazing process was used on a recent carpet to concrete replacement project. After removing the old carpet, we scraped off the carpet adhesive from the concrete. Once the bulk of the adhesive was removed, we began to prep the floor by mechanically grinding and cleaning the floor to remove any dust. A vapor barrier was then applied and was allowed to dry. Then we poured a base coat of epoxy. The following day, we applied the epoxy enhancer. The result, as you can see, is amazing!

For more information, contact your local sales rep at:
RD Weis Companies

Monday, August 22, 2016

Catch up with what our amazing team has been doing this summer!

Catch up with what our amazing team has been doing this summer! Up next is Kevin Quickle.

My wife and I took a two-day layover in Iceland last year on our way to Germany and we loved it. When we got back, our 16-year old nephew saw all of the pictures and thought it looked amazing, and had been talking about visiting ever since. So since he is going to be a senior this fall and heading off to college soon, rather than take the "regular" family vacation to the beach this year, we surprised him at Christmas with a "prepaid" application for a passport and a 10-day trip to Iceland. We drove the "Ring Road" which goes all around the outside of the country and went on a glacier hike, a whale watching cruise, and probably saw more waterfalls than people!  Below are a few pictures from the trip.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Catch Up With What Our Amazing Team Has Been Doing this Summer! Let's Start With Mark Arbogast.

Any trip that ends up at the top of Dublin, Ireland at the Guinness brewery, gets you to kiss the Blarney stone, see a sheep dog exhibition, go to a marble factory and the oldest weaving mill in Ireland, plus see the Titanic's last port of call, as well as innumerable gardens, castles, and lush green scenery - you've never seen such green grass - can't be half bad.  We went to an Irish Sweepstakes steeple chase race in Kilarny where all the women wore Kentucky Derby-like hats, and we stuck our toes in the Irish sea.

The Irish do not believe that kissing the blarney stone will bring you luck! They believe that kissing the stone will bring you the "gift of eloquence."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RD Weis Companies and CTS Flooring Group has announced the organizational move of Kim Francis, who will now be part of CTS Flooring Group.

In her previous role as National Accounts manager for RD Weis Companies, Kim Francis was tasked with identifying local subcontractors to perform installations.

RD Weis acquired CTS Flooring Group on January 1, 2016 in an effort to leverage CTS’ expertise in managing and executing large flooring programs for customers and prospects in traditional markets that have flooring projects for Real Estate properties located around the rest of the US and Canada. With nearly 60 years in the business, CTS Flooring’s business model allows them to develop a network of installers nationally that can be cost competitive in virtually every region of the country.

“Kim will not only continue to support the national floor care projects and occasional national flooring and installation project-based work developed by the RD Weis team,” said Randy, “She will also be able to supplement the CTS Flooring Group team on their projects and be able to plug into the National Network of installers that CTS has developed for use on the RD Weis projects.”

A National Account is one where all of the decisions for flooring projects are made on a national or at a minimum, a regional basis in an effort to develop a lasting relationship with decision makers. Typically, National Accounts are end users rather than a General Contractor.

“All of us at the CTS Flooring Group are excited that Kim will become part of our team,” said Drew Guinan, Executive Vice-President of CTS Flooring Group. “We think Kim’s addition will add substantially to our expertise to handle these National Accounts. She will be able to utilize all of our installers to provide quality and cost effective subcontractors for RD Weis jobs outside of the Northeast corridor.”


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Product: Chelsea Collection

These beautiful area rugs are an exclusive RD Weis offering. Made from New Zealand Wool Viscose, the cut pile construction comes in a variety of sizes and can be custom cut as well. Colors include Pewter, Graphite, Zinc, and Slate.

Monday, August 15, 2016

New Product: EliteCrete

This amazing product was used on a recent carpet to concrete replacement project. First we removed the old carpet. Then scraped off the carpet adhesive from the concrete. Once the bulk of the adhesive was removed, we began to prep the floor for the EliteCrete reflector enhancer system. The crew mechanically grinded then cleaned the floor to remove any dust. A vapor barrier was then applied and was allowed dry. Once dried, we poured the base coat great epoxy. The following day, with the help of Frank Baliva from EliteCrete Upstate, we applied the epoxy reflector enhancer. The result, as you can see, was amazing!

Friday, August 12, 2016

NEW PROJECT: Boston Architectural College

The layout design called for an inset square in the elevated study area using carpet tile planks as an outer border. The original plan showed a 90 degree turn at the outer corners of the space where the floor is sloped. We suggested a 45-degree angle at these two points to highlight the slope and to give it a more visual appeal. The clients agreed and the final result looks great!