Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Franchise: SOLID

An exciting opportunity has come our way that leverages our maintenance program even further. SOLID is network of artisans, craftsman and overall "solutionists" experienced in environmentally-safe floor maintenance and restoration. With SOLID we bring a high level maintenance for concrete, stone, terrazzo, and metal.

Concrete need proper maintenance to to prevent serious damage. SOLID performs restoration overnight without any disruption to your work environment - at no extra cost.

Stone is a big investment and SOLID maintenance, protects and extends the life of that investment.

The original recycled flooring from centuries ago when scraps of marble was mixed with leftover construction material to create new floors.

SOLID customizes its maintenance based on your budget to keep the shine of your space.

SOLID handles any situation in any location, regardless of facility type, size, or traffic pattern. Our process, whether burnishing or re-polishing gives floors that "like-new" appearance with state-of-the-art and innovative coating and specialty products.

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