Thursday, January 26, 2017

RD Weis Adore Party - Because it's February 1

Come join us as we celebrate 

Adore Floors

at our 

"Just because it's February 1st" Event

Wednesday February 1st, 2017 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

RD Weis Companies 150 West 30th Street 5th Floor 

RSVP: Sheri Gorman 

Adore Floors will be showcasing their new LVT collection
You'll also see our Chelsea Collection rugs

There will be a raffle prize along with food and drinks! 

Join us for this fun, informative night!

Surface Architectural Supply - Lucca Enoteca

Lucca Enoteca combines a diverse mix of white marble countertops and stone flooring that is brought to life by our rich walnut paneling on both bars. This eclectic mix of rustic features complements their mediterranean food and atmosphere.

For more information call:

Your RD Weis Companies Representative
or call 1-888-RDWEIS9
or email at:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SOLID Comes to RD Weis Companies

SOLID helps raise the bar of our maintenance program to a world-class, craftsmen-like level. SOLID is network of artisans, craftsmen and overall "solutionists" experienced in environmentally-safe floor maintenance and restoration. With SOLID we bring a high level maintenance for concrete, stone, terrazzo, and metal.

SOLID handles any situation in any location, regardless of facility type, size, or traffic pattern. We hone, grind and bring out a floor's brilliance through a restoration process that gives floors that "like-new" appearance with state-of-the-art and innovative coating and specialty products.


Concrete's contemporary style makes it a popular choice of the clean design trend across all market segments.


Natural stone surfaces represent significant investments. SOLID's craftsmen can help to protect them and extend their usefulness.


Today's terrazzo floors have more color possibilities, a greater selection of aggregates, and more design potential than ever before with bold, versatile colors and a classic, sophisticated style.


SOLID's ongoing metal maintenance and restoration can keep your space shining like it did when you opened for business. We customize our solutions based on your needs and budget.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Anniversaries of Two Key Staff Members

Sheri Gorman, VP Marketing/A&D with 10 years of service, and Bernard Vargas, Sr. Project Manager with 15 years of service.

Since joining RD Weis, Sheri has single handedly put a face on the company in the A&D arena an area that always remained elusive for us in years past.  Sheri's deep personal and business connections with the design community, has given us a pathway to success in this segment.  RD Weis through Sheri has been an impressive force with manufacturers who brought new products to market to test out the concepts and in some cases, gave RD Weis an exclusive for product launches, Stile and Surface Supply to name a few.  Our most successful relationship, which was developed under Sheri's leadership, is our over five-year relationship with Stile, the Italian wood line that we represent and continue to sell worldwide.  Other manufacturers like Avaire, ASM, and many more, have come to Sheri to assist in product launches.

Outside of our day to day business, Sheri has been a leader in the business community by heading up Starnet's "Specifier" group as it's committee chair, and has served for many years on the board of CARE, the carpet industry's leading organization promoting the reclamation of carpeting.  When Starnet members look at whether they should go into the A&D specifying arena, many times they reach out to Sheri to find out what her success formula is.  With Sheri, it is a mix of knowledge, integrity and in many transforming those business relationships into personal friendships.   We are grateful to have Sheri on our team.

In addition to her busy and important role at RD Weis, Sheri also excels in her most important role as mother to 13-year-old Brett, the tour de force in their household.

Bernard Vargas started out in our carpet care division as a carpet cleaner, and quickly distinguished himself as mature beyond his years. Bernard was our pick to head up teams at some of our most important accounts.  He could always be relied on to be the leader of his group, and leadership came naturally to him.  When we secured a floor care contract at JP Morgan Chase some seven years ago, Bernard was the pick to run the building and become the key contact with JPM executives.  Political shifts at JPM caused us to lose the floor care contract at that location and it came at a time when we needed to expand our project management capabilities in the NY area.  Bernard was a perfect fit for the job, and we just needed to teach him the mechanics of estimating and project management. Very quickly Bernard was running some of the highest profile jobs in the company.  Today, not 30 minutes go by when we do not hear of a reference to a job that Bernard is involved in, helping the sales team put together proposals and monitoring ongoing jobs.  We are fortunate to have Bernard for the past 15 years, and he is still growing and making us all look good.

Bernard is also challenged with balancing fatherhood against his busy schedule but does find time to be a good father and husband while stay current on all sports - depending on the season. And he sill makes time for taking calls from customers and sales people seven days a week.

Both Sheri and Bernard epitomize the textbook RD Weis associate who has ambition, drive, and does their best to make the whole company successful. On Thursday, January 19, 2017, RD Weis hosted an appreciation luncheon the Elmsford, NY La Quinta Inn honoring both Shari and Bernard. Congratulations to these two pro's.

A Night to De-Stress with Sweaty Betty and RD Weis Companies

​Last night RD Weis Companies and Sweaty Betty hosted a party for RDI at the Sweaty Betty shop in SoHo. RD Weis helped refine the shop with Stile wood flooring that helps bring a warmth and sophistication to the store. For even more photos check out our Facebook Page!