Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SOLID Comes to RD Weis Companies

SOLID helps raise the bar of our maintenance program to a world-class, craftsmen-like level. SOLID is network of artisans, craftsmen and overall "solutionists" experienced in environmentally-safe floor maintenance and restoration. With SOLID we bring a high level maintenance for concrete, stone, terrazzo, and metal.

SOLID handles any situation in any location, regardless of facility type, size, or traffic pattern. We hone, grind and bring out a floor's brilliance through a restoration process that gives floors that "like-new" appearance with state-of-the-art and innovative coating and specialty products.


Concrete's contemporary style makes it a popular choice of the clean design trend across all market segments.


Natural stone surfaces represent significant investments. SOLID's craftsmen can help to protect them and extend their usefulness.


Today's terrazzo floors have more color possibilities, a greater selection of aggregates, and more design potential than ever before with bold, versatile colors and a classic, sophisticated style.


SOLID's ongoing metal maintenance and restoration can keep your space shining like it did when you opened for business. We customize our solutions based on your needs and budget.

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