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Thursday, March 16, 2017

RD Weis Companies Sanitization Program

The Most Notorious Bug Has

Met its Match
Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the Unites States but the virus is just as powerful, and potentially deadly when spread through contact with porous and non-porous surfaces, and even fabrics. The virus is most likely found in closed environments such as daycare centers, nursing homes, schools, and cruise ships. This stomach virus is unrelenting when untreated.

RD Weis Companies Sanitization Program stops this biological threat in its tracks, leaving staff, patients, and visitors free and clear, happy and safe.

Our EPA-registered disinfectants use advanced technology, along with electrostatic spraying equipment that applies the disinfectant to all the surfaces in a room. Our trained technicians then wipe down all touch points to remove any viruses that may be present.
Our program:
  • Is ready to use with no mixing required
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Sanitizes food contact surfaces
  • Eliminates allergens
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Used in emergency response to eliminate virus out-breaks
  • Used by first responders in emergency vehicles to disinfect

Call us today 

to keep your employees, students, patients and 

visitors healthy and safe.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Floor Focus Article: Contractor's Corner

A great article from our friends at Floor Focus, highlighting the disasters that can happen when you cut corners to win a bid. To read the article, click here

NEW PRODUCT: Fletco Carpets

Fletco Carpets, one of Denmark's leading carpet manufacturers, has launched in North America under the leadership of industry veteran, Anthony Minite. Fletco's beautiful, designer-driven products offer a minimalist look that is ideal for corporate, retail, boutique hospitality, and higher education market segments. All Fletco products are laser-cut, ensuring no trailing edges, and their award-winning ZigZag-Tiles® look like broadloom when installed, offering a welcome alternative to quarter turn installations. Fletco's manufacturing facility is run on 100% renewable energy and all products are PVC-free.

Monday, March 6, 2017

GE Employee Lunchroom

These photos represent an installation in progress. GE wanted to create an area for the sole purpose of allowing their employees to plug in and access their online accounts. The problem was adding an area on top of the existing tile, which they didn't want to remove. The edges were beveled and adhesive was applied to the back of the carpet so that it didn't move. Problem solved!